Engineered In-Car Video Evidence Capture Systems

Engineered In-Car Video Evidence Capture Systems

We design it from the ground up, the wiring is where it all starts…

Engineered In-Car Video Evidence Capture Systems for police, fire and emergency vehicles.

We will work with any upfitting vendor or can recommend companies we have worked with and trust.

Our wiring systems are engineered to have the most configuration options, along with triggering and alert notification options your department needs, from emergency lights, door releases, rifle, manual start and more…

Everything starts upfront, overlooking the hood of the vehicle is a 5 megapixel smart motorized varifocal camera with a built-in microphone…

We move next to the Backseat Holding Camera, where NOTHING is missed with a 2 megapixel 1080p 194° wide angle fisheye sensor and high fidelity microphone.


What’s next? Where is the video stored?

It’s onboard…Our Hardened and Rugged Enterprise vehicle computers, are designed for the harshest of conditions, and made to last, with a 2TB enterprise solid state surveillance drive, and backup SD cards on each camera, no video is lost, ever!

Accessing video is a breeze, either from the vehicle onboard laptop, or in the station, it’s all about ease of access…

New vehicles and existing vehicles with a system wire infrastructure.

Email us or give us a call for a quote for your department.

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