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Supporting Cybersecurity Throughout the Device Lifecycle

By AdvaTech Author | September 14, 2022

Cybersecurity is high on the agenda of every organization. In an increasingly connected world, any device connected to the network presents a potential cybersecurity risk, and a robust approach to reducing this exposure is essential.   Axis devices, with their built-in cybersecurity controls, are designed to decrease the risk of compromise and enable secure behavior. Our approach…

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End to End Solutions for Your Business!

By AdvaTech Author | September 12, 2022
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5mp Dash Cam for Police Vehicles

By AdvaTech Author | September 11, 2022

Axis Dash Cameras and backseat Holding cameras, with onboard hardened storage. Body Worn and vehicle, fully integrated, no reoccurring fees! Free video redaction! And more!

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Never Forget…

By AdvaTech Author | September 9, 2022

Those who gave all for their country, for their fellow mankind…never forgotten.. #Neverforget #newyorkcityAdvaTech Systems – Video Surveillance • Alarms • Networks • Access Control • Body Cams • Drones •  #surveillance #video

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What’s the latest with AXIS Camera Station?

By AdvaTech Author | September 9, 2022

Our new integration with the AXIS S3008 Recorder for increased scalability, quicker forensic search with color classification, system health monitoring, and more. What’s the latest with AXIS Camera Station?

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Easy to use – Features Rich Video Management Software for your Cameras

By AdvaTech Author | September 7, 2022

Whether you need simple video management software (VMS) or something more powerful and feature-rich, there’s an alternative that matches your Axis products perfectly. Available at Anytime, From Anywhere! The core of your security solution is the Video Management Software (VMS). Deciding software for your solution is not only a matter of size. Even more important…

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By AdvaTech Author | September 3, 2022

Customer Use Story: The Auburn Police Department uses Axis body worn cameras to capture officer interactions, record on-the-street interviews, and improve accuracy of incident reports. The cameras also record eye movement that indicates a driver is impaired. MISSION With the New Hampshire governor already mandating that state police wear body cameras, the Auburn Police Department…

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Happy Labor Day

By AdvaTech Author | September 2, 2022

#happylabordayHave a relaxing 3-day weekend! AdvaTech Systems – Video Surveillance • Alarms • Networks • Access Control • Body Cams • Drones • 

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Body Worn Cameras For Police Officers

By AdvaTech Author | August 29, 2022

AXIS W101 Body Worn Camera… Easy-to-use, robust camera suitable for many applications. It lets you store and manage video where and how you want. And it plugs right into your own Axis system or another system of your choice. Becomes a part of your system AXIS W101 Body Worn Camera is based on open standards…

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Engineered In-Car Video Evidence Capture Systems

By AdvaTech Author | August 27, 2022

We design it from the ground up, the wiring is where it all starts…

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Integrated Technology and Security Systems

Businesses large and small are in need of security.  From cameras, alarms, commercial lighting to door card access systems, AdvaTech's experienced technicians will help secure your property investments and peace of mind with the latest technology products and services. Consider AdvaTech Security Systems for surveillance of your business.

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In need of Audio and Visual (AV) for your bar, restaurant, or office?

We install TVs, speakers, monitors, and electrical or wireless devices to create the environment you have been wishing for.  In larger projects such as shopping malls, police departments, schools, and apartment complexes, AdvaTech has the experience required to get the project completed to spec, to code, and on a timely schedule.