AdvaTech Security's Core Values


Our core values are based in honesty and trustworthiness. Our primary goal is to provide tailored solutions that meet our clients' needs. We do not push pre-packaged systems for a quick sale, but rather prioritize integrity in every aspect of our business - ensuring that our clients receive honest advice and solutions that truly address their unique needs. Trust is not just a word but a guiding principle at AdvaTech Security. As a core value, trust is embedded in every facet of our operations, reflecting our unwavering commitment to reliability and transparency.

We understand that trust is earned through consistent delivery of high-quality security solutions, meticulous attention to detail, and a steadfast dedication to our clients' safety.  Our commitment to trust goes beyond providing cutting-edge security services; it extends to building enduring partnerships with our clients, employees, and stakeholders. We believe that open communication, ethical practices, and accountability are the cornerstones of trust. By prioritizing transparency in our interactions and delivering on our promises, we strive to create an environment where trust flourishes naturally.


Integrity is at the heart of all of our business relations—before, during, and after the sale. We stand by our commitment to transparency and fairness. If we ever fall short or are found at fault, we're dedicated to swift resolution, even if it means absorbing a loss. We believe in conducting business with the utmost honesty, transparency, and ethical standards.

Integrity at AdvaTech Security means unwavering adherence to principles, ensuring that our actions align with the highest moral and professional standards. This commitment extends to the security solutions we provide, emphasizing trustworthiness and reliability. With integrity as our guiding force, AdvaTech Security is dedicated to building lasting relationships, fostering a culture of accountability, and delivering security services that prioritize the safety and trust of our clientele. Our unwavering dedication to doing what's right for our clients is what sets us apart.


We are continually researching and adopting the latest proven technologies that comply with the highest security standards. At Advatech Security, our unwavering commitment to excellence is exemplified by staying on the forefront of technology. We understand that the world's current, rapidly evolving technological landscape demands constant adaptation and innovation. Our dedicated team consistently explores emerging trends, integrates the latest advancements, and embraces transformative technologies.

Our proactive approach not only keeps us ahead of the curve but also empowers us to provide our clients with state-of-the-art solutions, ensuring their success in an ever-changing digital world. Our dedication to staying current ensures that we provide cutting-edge solutions for security applications, giving our clients peace of mind in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

AdvaTech Security - Founded In 2010

AdvaTech Security, originally founded in 2010 as Advanced Technical, LLC, has a unique origin story rooted in a commitment to customer-centric values. Founder Chris Phillips, with five years of prior experience in the industry, began his journey in telecommunications, data, and fiber optic wiring. What set him apart was a realization that the industry was often plagued by sales teams more focused on commissions than on fulfilling customer needs.

Disheartened by this prevailing norm, Chris decided to chart a different course. In 2009, he embarked on his mission to provide high-quality, tailored solutions that truly addressed customer requirements. He started his venture from his home in Greendale, Wisconsin, all while working full-time for another contractor.

Over the years, Chris's dedication and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction began to bear fruit. AdvaTech Security earned its reputation not by chasing profits, but by prioritizing customer relationships and their technology and security needs. Clients soon recognized that AdvaTech Security was a partner they could trust, one that genuinely cared about their welfare and technological well-being.

Today, AdvaTech Security stands as a testament to the vision of an honest, customer-centric technology solutions provider. The company's enduring success is a reflection of its dedication to putting customer needs first, ensuring that profits always come second to the relationships and trust it has built with its valued clients.

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About AdvaTech Security founder, President, and CEO Chris Phillips
Chris Phillips -President, CEO, and founder of AdvaTech Security