Minimize the threat of a Burglary

How to Protect your Business from a Burglary

Are your business facilities secure?

We care about you and your business. Our technicians can help you develop a plan that's perfect for you to help ensure your safety and security.

Do you have an alarm system? 

At AdvaTech Security ,we make it our priority to provide highly encrypted, military-grade systems that are user-friendly and designed specifically to meet your individual security needs.

Three Benefits to Advatech

High Priority

At AdvaTech Security, we treat all of our clients as high priority - because your security is our priority.

Engineered Designs

We understand that every business has individual needs. Our engineers will work with your contractor or evaluate your current infrastructure to ensure that we custom engineer a perfect solution for you. From alarm systems to remote monitoring, AdvaTech Security will be there for you.

Meets Your Requirements

We will engineer a specific design for you, install and integrate all solutions, teach you how to use them, and offer 24/7 remote monitoring. However, we don't stop there. For the life of your security solutions you can count on us for regular maintenance and to implement any upgrades in technology. Protect your space from burglary with AdvaTech Security at your side.

A burglary in progress being recorded
An alarm that secures your business from burglary

Alarm system features include:

  • Infrared, photoelectric, and motion sensors
  • Industry-leading intrusion detection panels
  • 24/7 monitoring with emergency dispatch
  • Flexible integration with existing systems
  • Inspections, maintenance, service, and support
  • Online management for easy arm/disarm and monitoring
  • Integration with video, access control, and other systems
  • Alarm verification to reduce or eliminate false alarms

Smart Control Technology Can Alert of Burglaries

With our smart control technology, users are able to access and remotely control their alarm systems via our mobile app. Within the app, you can add smart lighting, locks, garage openers, thermostats, and more.

Ask an AdvaTech Security representative about how you can utilize smart control settings can serve you.


A smart alarm that can maintain a temperature schedule of your business. Burglary