Card Access Security Systems

Card access security systems in use

5 Card Access Security Systems

    • Keyless Entry
    • ID Badge and Card Credentials
    • Door & Gate Openers
    • Controlled Door Systems
    • Access Control Management

Questions to ask yourself

  • What level of access does your facility have?
  • Is it secure?
  • Who's entering and leaving the building?
  • What does your hardware look like?

To implement a reliable system you need to be aware of your needs and current infrastructure. We'll help you create a plan that's perfect for your organization.

Card Access Security Systems FAQ

What is access control and card access?

Access control consists of securing and controlling all of the entrances and exits of your buildings and overall premises. Card access security systems, also known as keyless entry, ensures that only individuals who are meant to be in a certain area are able to access that area. Think of it as a master key that you are able to add and remove locks from at any point in time as security levels and positions within you organization evolve.

What are your facilities' most vulnerable access points?

Recognizing potential weaknesses in your current system is a great way to eliminate potential threats. A system is only as secure as its weakest point. We want to eliminate all vulnerable access points to ensure the safety and security of your organization.

What else do card access security systems have to offer?

Keyless entry can be integrated into our other security systems. Create a seamless security plan with access control and constant monitoring at numerous points.

Card Access Security Systems
Card access security systems technology

Card Access Benefits

What else can a card access system offer?

Not only are you able to control who can enter a location in real time, you're also able to look at access logs to know where someone has been. Card access can be applied to any entrance, both interior and exterior. Each room can have individual access levels which you will assign to particular individuals. You will be able to secure your organization and prevent unauthorized intruders.

Our systems offer enhanced security and convenience for commercial spaces. By replacing traditional lock and key mechanisms with electronic card readers, authorized individuals can easily gain access with a swipe or tap of their assigned card. This not only eliminates the need for physical keys, reducing the risk of unauthorized duplication, but also allows for quick and efficient management of access permissions. Administrators can easily add or revoke access for specific cards, track entry and exit times, and enhance overall control over the premises. Additionally, in the event of a lost card, it's simpler to deactivate and issue a new one compared to rekeying locks. Ultimately, a keyless entry system provides a seamless blend of security, flexibility, and ease of use.

Contact an AdvaTech representative to learn more about the benefits of access control, and to create a plan that's right for your organization.