The Need for Access Control

Guy opening secure door with keys

5 Card Access Systems

    • Keyless Entries
    • ID Badge Credentials
    • Door & Gate Openers
    • Controlled Door Systems
    • Access Control Management

Questions to ask yourself

  • What kind of access do your facilities have?
  • Is it secure?
  • Who's entering and leaving the building?
  • What type of hardware do you have on your doors?

These are all questions that play a big part in the security and safety of your company facilities. Once you have the answers, you will know exactly what kind of access system you need.

Card Access FAQ

What is access control or card access?

Card access plays a major part in security. Access control consists of securing and controlling all of the entrances and or exits to a certain building, or premises.

What are your facilities' most vulnerable points?

A secure system is only as secure as its most vulnerable point. These vulnerable points could be the entrance to your parking lot or the entrance to your building lobby.

Ask yourself - do I have vulnerable points to my facility?

Our Access Control System products used for card access
Our Access Control System Technology used for card access

Card Access Benefits

What else can an access control system have to offer?

Access control isn't just a matter of security, it can also be used for automation and other system integration.  With the technology available today we are able to integrate all the different systems that we offer!

Contact an AdvaTech representative to talk about what your vulnerable points are, and to learn about what the endless possibilities are to access control.