Protect Your Business with Fire Alarms

Fire alarm being checked on

2 Benefits to buying Your Next Alarm System from AdvaTech

Protect your Assets

Fire alarm systems are essential for protecting people and businesses from fire. What if your alarm system becomes damaged or malfunctions?

24 Hour Emergency Services

AdvaTech offers 24-hour emergency services for your business. In case of a malfunction like a burst sprinkler system pipe or a fire alarm stuck in its alert cycle, our team can be dispatched to your business at any hour of the day to perform emergency repairs and get your systems working properly again.


AdvaTech provides complete fire protection offerings to the State of Wisconsin.

From basic design to installation, servicing, and repair, our experts will ensure your systems are fully operational and your facility is protected.

AdvaTech provides a vast range of fire protection solutions including fire sprinkler and special hazard systems, fire equipment, life safety, and alarm services.

Man checking on fire alarm system