Secure Networks for Safety

High-speed, Reliable Networks

  • Personally engineered designs
  • Managed networks
  • Clean and efficient setup
  • Fiber-optic types: Armored Plenum/ Indoor Plenum/ Patch Cables
  • Fiber-optic: 0M3/ 0M4/ 0M5
  • Fiber Service/ Add-on: 0M1/ 0M2
  • Cat5e, Cat6 (+/E/A), Cat7, Direct Burial, Shielded, and More

3 Advantages to AdvaTech Security's Secure Networks

Whether you need 1 or 1,000 cable drops installed at your headquarters, or at several of your locations across our multi-state footprint; AdvaTech Security can facilitate all of your business needs.

We are the Experts

Our in-house, certified, and experienced field technicians and project managers are experts in planning, designing, and installing your wired network infrastructure.

System Upgrades Provided

We provide maintenance, troubleshooting, and any system upgrades that would be needed for your existing system. We also monitor upgrades in external technology and recommend any changes that could improve your current experience.

Multiple Services

Our services include Cat5e, Cat6 (+/E/A), Cat7, coaxial cable installations, direct burial cable installations, and fiber-optic cable installations.

Wires correctly plugged in from AdvaTech for secure network.
AdvaTech Security worker installing secure network for business

Additional Network Options

Connecting to the internet and/or local intranet is essential in our current world for a business to run smoothly

  • AdvaTech Security offers a full suite of services for local-area networks (LAN) and wide-area networks (WAN).

Our technicians can install new, or make changes to your existing set up

  • AdvaTech Security works with our clients to provide the best and most efficient solutions, custom-tailored to your needs.

We offer a price per line option

  • We provide honesty and integrity at the forefront of what we do, even if it means sacrificing our own bottom line. A price per line option allows you to accurately budget for a project and avoid any potentially unexpected charges.

Managing and operating your network system is just as important as it being properly engineered for your business

  • Whether you're using an enterprise-level system or a simple WiFi connection, we provide software that makes it easy to maintain and operate your network.
  • We offer the option to work with one of our engineers to create a service agreement that allows us to maintain your network for you.
  • Call us today to set up a free site visit, and we'll begin planning and engineering the perfect solutions for you.
Man using networks from AdvaTech